About Chicagogrammers

Chicagogrammers unites a diverse group of Chicago-based Instagram users for networking and engagement through the best social platform out there – Instagram! Founded in 2016 by bloggers Katie Carrico and Chrissy Barua, our Influencer community effectively uses and leverages the power of Instagram; our members promote their own brands and businesses, as well as those around the Chicago area. Our fun and friendly Instagram family has also become a place where members openly exchange ideas, tips, tricks, best practices and how-tos.

Are you interested in becoming a member of Chicagogrammers?  

We organize members using platforms we all use everyday – Facebook and email. No apps to download, just what you’re used to! If you want to be a member, join Chicagogrammers here! We’ll add you into the group, and each Sunday we send a shout-out to new members where they can sign up for our weekly members-only newsletter, which is sent each week on Wednesday at 12:00 p.m. sharp!

Are you a business interested in learning more about the services Chicagogrammers offers?  

We can help your business invite Influencers in and create a buzz on Instagram. We’ve worked with some amazing businesses. Check out some of the events we’ve hosted:

Want more information? Send us an email: chicagogrammers@gmail.com

The Girls behind the ‘Gram…

Once upon a time, two Chicago food bloggers met over pizza. They subsequently bonded over a burger, fries AND mac n’cheese, and a year and a half later, totally randomly started a Facebook group for Instagrammers.  Thus, Chicagogrammers was born.

Katie Carrico - Founder of ChicagogrammersKatie Carrico

Katie Carrico is the Founder of Chicagogrammers. A self-proclaimed homebody, you surely won’t find her hanging around the house much these days! Between all the fun Chicagogrammers stuff she’s got going on, her other day job is in real estate (so more than likely, she’s hanging around other people’s houses!). A blogger since the semi-early days of blogging (2010, anyone?!), she has determined her blog, Dining at my Desk, will forever be undergoing a facelift. She’s suddenly drawing a blank on any fun hobbies she reserves for her free time, but she’s a big believer in coupons, The Real Housewives of Everywhere, really cheap champagne, a good night’s sleep and her fabulous fiancé, #MainSqueeze. Follow Katie on:

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Chrissy Barua - Co-Founder of Chicagogrammers

Chrissy Barua

Chrissy Barua is the co-founder of Chicagogrammers. Before she became a Chicagogrammer, she started her online presence through her food & travel blog, The Hungary Buddha Eats the World.   She really values and uses all of her vacation time and is always planning her next big trip (and what she’s going to eat on it).  In her real life she’s an ex-scientist, ex-lawyer, now-fundraiser, who spends any free time she has in the water, on the tennis court or reading a mix of great and non-great works of literature. After 10 years in Chicago, she recently relocated to Ann Arbor, MI where she lives with her furmate, Crawley. Follow Chrissy on:

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