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First let’s take a test!!

  1. Are you a cool person who lives in Chicago or the surrounding area?
  2. Do you use Instagram?

Awesome, there’s not much more to it! We’ve got some general community rules we’ll have you sign off on soon, but overall, if you love using Instagram, and you’re just as in love with Chicago, then you should definitely be a #chicagogrammer!

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We organize members using platforms we all use everyday – Facebook and email. No apps to download, just what you’re used to! Becoming a member is a simple, FREE two-step process:

  1. Join the Chicagogrammers Facebook Group
  2. After you’ve been added to the Facebook Group, each Sunday we send a shout-out to new members where they can sign up for our weekly members-only newsletter, which is sent each week on Wednesday at 12:00 p.m. sharp!

Now What?

  • How can I be sure I’m a member?! If you’re in the Facebook Group and are getting the weekly events email on Wednesday, you’re a member!!
  • Make sure you’re following Chicagogrammers on Instagram, and use our #chicagogrammers hashtag for your chance to be re-grammed on our feed.