Chicagogrammers Holiday Gift Guide

Chicagogrammers Holiday Gift Guide

About Chicagogrammers:

With over 900 members, 100,000+ #chicagogrammers hashtags used, over 11,200 followers on Instagram, and an active blog, Chicagogrammers is quickly becoming a community of Influencers (both Instagrammers and bloggers) businesses want to reach. We got our start in July 2016, and work with businesses to introduce their brands to our network of Influencers. We promote brands and events to our network of Instagrammers and bloggers, and this year we’re publishing our first Holiday Gift Guide.

Chicagogrammers Holiday Gift Guide – Perfect to Spotlight YOU!

We want to highlight the super talented makers, crafters, artisans, start-ups and purveyors of Chicago, so we figured it would be a great idea to put out a gift guide on Cyber Monday, featuring YOUR goods! So if you’re selling something that would be perfect underneath the tree this year, take advantage of a day when everyone’s checking their inbox to get the word out to 500+ Chicago bloggers, Instagrammers and beyond!!

Cost: $50  |  Deadline to participate is Sunday, November 19!

Advertising & Promotion: We’ll be sending this email blast out on Cyber Monday to our list of over 500 member Influencers, in our Facebook Group of over 900 members and will be cross-promoting this on Instagram, in other social media, in various Facebook groups, to media and PR pros, to all of our friends, our Moms, and basically everyone we know. This is great content to share on your own blogs, Instagrams and newsletters! This will be re-sent to our members on Monday, December 11.

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