The Chicagogrammers Intelligent Influencer: January 21, 2018

The Chicagogrammers Intelligent Influencer:  January 21, 2018

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our Insta-ready lives.

Sunday calls, and so as you’re enjoying the last few glorious hours before it’s back to the grind, here’s a bit of light reading, to keep you in the know of all of Instagram.

Hotel Bans Bloggers Outright After Hilarious Spat With 22 Y.O. “Influencer”

Maybe we should all practice a little gratitude and be thankful for all that we’ve gotten as influencers. Just maybe. Anyway, in case you’re thinking about heading to Dublin…  | Source: Pedestrian | Read Now

Earning From Social Media ‘Likes’ And ‘Follows’

A few good reminders from our friends in Jamaica. | Source: The Gleaner | Read Now

How to . . . turn off Instagram’s new over-sharing feature

Isn’t Instagram all about over-sharing? Well, maybe some things are best kept to oneself.  Here’s how to stop shady Big Brother. | Source: Irish Times | Read Now

Singer Ed Sheeran announces engagement on Instagram

First Bey, now Ed.  Instagram is the place for big news, it seems. | Source: The Washington Post | Read Now

How to Spot Un-Authentic Influencer Content

I know we all want the next big gig, but authenticity is key, so keep these things in mind if you’re looking to be approached by brands. | Source: Chief Marketer | Read Now

Kodak Black Arrested After Child Shown Near Drugs, Gun on Instagram

Dumb criminal stories are the best, aren’t they? | Source: Pitchfork | Read Now

Teen apparently expelled from university after Instagram videos

Another reminder for why what you post on social matters, a lot. | Source: ABC7 Chicago | Read Now

Instagram to test text-only stories

Stories, next level. | Source:  Fin24 | Read Now

Is Instagram Strategically Withholding My Likes?

News flash: it’s not, but isn’t it nuts how fast nasty rumors spread and start to mess with us?  | Source: NY Mag | Read Now

Report: Facebook’s News Feed changes could lead to fresh wave of influencer marketing

Because we’d rather see our (influencer) friends over brands and businesses, right? | Source:  Marketing Dive | Read Now




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