The Chicagogrammers Intelligent Influencer: January 28, 2018

The Chicagogrammers Intelligent Influencer: January 28, 2018

Instagram: it’s like, the 12 second news cycle right? We can hardly keep up ourselves, but here’s what made us go ‘huh’ this week:

Make Your Evenings an Instagram-Free Zone [and other life upgrades]

We’re sort of shooting ourselves in the foot by suggesting it, but we do really think that life is so much better when we’re not connected ALL of the time. Amiright? | Source: Lifehacker | Read Now

Rich Saatchi boss and fashonista wife slammed for crowdfunding £5k to get their Instagram star dog seen by celebrity vet

This whole thing is just ridiculous, we though you might get a kick out of it, too.  I mean, this dog might almost be as Insta-famous as we are, but…really? | Source: The Sun | Read Now

The YouTube and Instagram secret that Google and Facebook don’t want you to know

We’ve all seen the uptick in Instagram ads.  Annoying. But, how much is that ad revenue really worth to Facebook?  No one really seems to know.  For its investors, also annoying. | Source: Market Watch | Read Now

How to Use Instagram Insights

Because it’s a data-drive world out there. | Source: Hubspot | Read Now

Tom Cruise is on Instagram!

In this week’s celebrity who finally joined 2018, TC is now on the ‘gram. Follow his mission impossible life. | Source: MSN | Read Now

The Follower Factory: Everyone wants to be popular online. Some even pay for it.  Inside social media’s black market.

This is scary. A must read. | Source: The New York Times | Read Now

Influencer marketing: The updated guide for your business

We know that most of us are on the other side of this coin, but it’s handy info nonetheless, and may provide insight on how to market yourself to your favorite brands. | Source: Techwire Asia | Read Now

Micro but Mighty: How to Grow a Local Following

Chicagogrammers is all about local, and we are all about our micro-influencers!  And this is why you’re important, too. | Source: Influencer Update | Read Now

Instagram users can add expressive GIF stickers to ‘Stories’

Because who doesn’t love a spot-on GIF? | The Economic Times | Read Now

Life Lessons from Britney’s Lovably Dorky Instagram

Anyone that spent high school and college in the Boy Band era can’t help put love Brit-Brit.  Right? Just us? Anyway, we do still love her, and here’s why. Celebrities, they’re just like us. | Source: Dazed Digital | Read Now

How to Become a Food Instagram Influencer

Because donuts and ice cream and burgers will always be drool worthy.  | Source: Food and Wine | Read Now

‘Still drooling’: Pouty Madonna, 59, shares TOPLESS photo on Instagram as she complains about having ‘no friends’

Madonna, still making waves all these years later.  We’re sorry, but we don’t really feel sorry for you. |Source: The Daily Mail | Read Now




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