Host an Influencer Event

First things first – what is an Influencer Event?

Brands and businesses host Influencer events to introduce their products and services to an audience who spreads the word on social media. Chicagogrammers events are heavily Instagram-focused, and range from smaller, targeted events with 10-15 members, to large events with 50+ Instagrammers.

Why Should You Host an Influencer Event with Chicagogrammers?

  • Introduce your brand to our network of Chicago Instagrammers, who, in turn, introduce your brand to their followers. Combined, our members have a reach of over 1,000,000, and counting!
  • Engaging with our members and their followers on Instagram is an incredibly personal marketing touchpoint that resonates, helping turn onetime customers into repeat clients, and helping you invite new customers through your doors.
  • Because we are a LOCAL community, our members love to highlight Chicago-based brands and generate content for your business.
  • If your brand is new or has anything it wants to highlight and share, inviting a network of LOCAL Instagram Influencers can easily help you spread the word in a very personalized and organic way that works!
  • Our members post beautiful images with thoughtful, detailed captions that advertise and promote your brand.

Businesses We’ve Worked With:

We’ve worked with the following local businesses to host events and Instagram contests:

Joy District | FireFin Poké  | Gino’s East  | Groupon BeautyNow | Mahalo/Captain Morgan | The Berghoff | Olive Mediterranean Grill |  Strings Ramen | Bernie’s Lunch and Supper | 360 Chicago at The Hancock Tower | AquaMermaid Chicago | The Kerryman | Nia & Mirror Mirror Salon | Concert Promotion – (Blake Shelton & Kelly Clarkson)

Convinced? Get in Touch: