Insta Inbox- September 25, 2017

Insta Inbox- September 25, 2017

Everything you missed from this past week in Chicago on Instagram, told by the fantastic members of Chicagogrammers. Every week we feature 10 Chicagogrammers members and check in to see what they’ve been up to around Chicago. We highly recommend you give these awesome members a follow, some likes, and a little bit of comment love!

Let’s check out what our members were up to, shall we?

1.)  Erica (aka @ericaagran) got her sweat on down in Kissimmee!

2.)  Lauren (@laur_russell_) took advantage of our Indian Summer by heading to the beach…on the first day of fall.

3.)  @justeskemper sent us all a little reminder.

4.)  Jeff the Chef (@makeitlikeaman) left us all in a puddle of drool. Yum!!

5.)  Ola of @Jadoreledecor made us, let’s face it, just hate our current apartment.

6.)  Briana of @pantrygrubs did breakfast the right way at Orange with a Peel!

7.)  @SassyConfetti (aka Alex) has hearts in her eyes walking around D.C.

8.)  Mary (@marymangia) got us in the mood for tacos. But then again, aren’t we always?

9.)  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right?  Stacy at @Pastrypants has us sharing that sentiment!

10.)  @wheresshegoing shows us a glimpse of the real Puerto Rico.

Have a great week!

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