The Intelligent Influencer: April 15, 2018

The Intelligent Influencer:  April 15, 2018

Happy Sunday, friends! Since the weather is so decidedly not cool, let’s take advantage of it. Grab a cup of coffee and tuck in for the latest and greatest about Instagram this week.

How Your Small Business Can Take Advantage of Instagram

Good tips for those running small businesses or pitching to them. | Source: Entrepreneur | Read Now

This Instagram Guide to Coachella Is All You Need

Can’t be in Cali for the big show? That’s no reason to miss it! | Source: Snobility | Read Now

Instagram Focus

Instagram rolls out focus portrait mode-making those selfies even better! | Source: Instagram Press | Read Now

When is an Instagram post an ad? Advertising body wants to clear up confusion

News from the Emerald Isle, but important info for all of us. | Source: The Journal | Read Now

Most Americans Don’t Know Instagram Is Owned By Facebook ― And That’s No Accident

Did you know? Any why they did it. | Source: CBS Miami | Read Now

Instagram to let users download photos, videos & messages

Because of privacy concerns over how Facebook collects and uses its users’ data…| Source: Times Live | Read Now

Related: With Privacy Changes, Instagram Upsets Influencer Economy

Did you liketoknowit? Well, not anymore. | Source: Business of Fashion | Read Now

7 Must-Try Instagram Analytics Tools of 2018

How YOU doin’? | Source:  Sprout Social | Read now

58% of Micro-Influencers Say Instagram Is the Most Requested Channel From Brands

Well, that’s good news for us! | Source: PR News Online | Read Now

Bella Thorne Reveals She Made So Much Money From Paid Social Media Posts She Bought a Mansion

Bella Thorne makes WHAT?! | Source: People | Read Now




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