The Intelligent Influencer – April 22, 2018

The Intelligent Influencer – April 22, 2018

We’ve got all the good stuff that happened in the land of Influencers and Instagram this week, including some amazing food Insta accounts, the deal behind all those fake Ray-Ban ads, and a very recognizable Alaskan political figure rising to power as an Insta Influencer.


10 ginormous restaurant dishes ready for Instagram

I’m actually a bit frightened by the size of that meatball. | Source: USA Today | Read Now


Dermatologists Are Now Using Fillers to Simulate Instagram Filters, So I Decided to Try It

For real? | Source: Allure | Read Now


Busy hockey mom Sarah Palin is an Instagram influencer now

You betcha!! | Source: Mashable | Read Now


Feast Your Eyes on These Weird & Wonderful Instagram Feeds

Ok, we will then! | Source: The Spoon | Read Now


Canadian who posted drug smuggling trip on Instagram sentenced to prison

It’s a little bit like the plot of Bridget Jones’s Diary 2, but with Canadians on Instagram.  | Source: CNN | Read Now


Why are fake Ray-Ban ads taking over Instagram?

We spotted a few local Influencers with these ads on their feed. Ugh. | Source: MSN Money | Read Now



We know it’s hard, and sometimes you just need a break from Insta. | Source: Gary Vaynerchuk | Read Now


PopSugar Stole Influencers’ Instagrams — Along With Their Profits

Well this is some shady shiz. | Source: Racked | Read Now


9 Instagram Tips From High-Reach Instagrammers

Big takeaway – use stories!! | Source: AdWeek | Read Now


How To Get Verified On Instagram

That blue check mark is so beautiful. | Source: Forbes | Read Now

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