The Intelligent Influencer – February 11, 2018

The Intelligent Influencer – February 11, 2018

Let’s get right into it with the Instagram and Influencer news you all want to read…like what the heck is going on with Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall, the 10 most liked photos on Instagram ever, plus all the new Instagram features we’re going to love to hate.


What Led Up to Kim Cattrall’s Instagram Calling Out SJP?

Ok, but, is this, like, going to cancel the rumored third Sex & The City movie? | Source: InStyle | Read Now


Anonymous Influencers Get Real About Their Industry

Is it as easy as it seems to be an Influencer? Oh, come on, you know the answer is…sorta. | Source: Man Repeller | Read Now


Is Your Dog Ready to Be an Instagram Star?

Yes, duh. Stop reading this newsletter right now and start making your dog an Instagram account. | Source: New York Times | Read Now


The 10 Most-Liked Instagram Photos of All Time

Here’s a hint, the #1 photo has over 16 million likes, and it was just posted last week. | Source: Metro UK | Read Now



This is definitely worth the read. Long story short the models you look up to on Instagram may be completely computer generated.  | Source: Fashionista | Read Now


How to use Instagram to get Lucky

Awwwwwwww, yeah!!!!!!!!!! | Source: New York Post | Read Now


Re-Sharing Feature Is Coming to Instagram, and You Can Turn It Off

It’s just for stories, for now, and just for select users for now. How are you feeling about this? | Source: The F Stoppers | Read Now


‘Instagram for classwork’ Seesaw in 1/2 of US schools

Taking homework and making it social. Hmmm. Maybe kids need less time on social media?  | Source: TechCrunch | Read Now


The 2 painfully obvious features that would make Instagram perfect

Any guesses? Fine, don’t get rid of the stupid algorithm, but make these tweaks soon, Insta! | Source: Mashable | Read Now


‘The Bot Rot’: Are Follower Numbers Real?

Bots are real, they exist, and are your favorite Influencers using them? | Source: Forbes | Read Now


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