The Intelligent Influencer: February 18, 2018

The Intelligent Influencer: February 18, 2018

No time for small talk today, let’s get into it.  Here’s the latest and greatest from the Influencer sphere:

Romance, bold colors, a protest: London Fashion Week begins

Calling fashionistas! Here are the ones to watch as London fashion takes center stage. | Source: The Eagle | Read Now

Getting Past Perfection Online

We know that, no matter how confident we are, social just makes us play the compare game. Here’s why you should just be yourself. | Source:  Deseret News | Read Now

Anonymous anorexic exposes hidden dangers of social media by detailing heartbreaking story of how insecurity over her appearance on INSTAGRAM drove her to starve herself

On a related note…| Source: The Daily Mail | Read Now

Starflow: Millennial Entrepreneur David Gabor’s Solution to the Scattered Influencer Ecosystem

Because following it all is JUST TOO MUCH. | Source: Tech Bullion | Read Now

Kanye West Has Deleted His Instagram Account, Again

Oh, Kanya. | Source: Billboard | Read Now

From Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston to Amy Schumer and Wayne Rooney – the Instagram accounts to follow today

Who are the most popular celebs on Insta?  Not Kayne, obviously. | Source: The Sun | Read Now

How To Schedule And Publish Instagram Posts Without Using Your Phone

Whaaa? Yup, it’s a thing. | The Social Media Hat | Read Now

9 Instagram Marketing Tools You Could Use Every Day

We use some of these and they do make life a bit easier but…it seems we need to up our game. Are you using any of these?  We better get on it! | Source: Sprout Social | Read Now

Google launches Instagram-like Stories

Google will not be outdone! | Source: Creative Bloc | Read Now

Chinese New Year: Meet the cutest dogs of Instagram in the Year of the Dog

Because after this week, we all need some cute dog pics. | Source: Rediff | Read Now




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