The Intelligent Influencer: February 25, 2018

The Intelligent Influencer: February 25, 2018

Before you have to think about the reality of Monday, tuck in for some light (but informative!) reading!  Have a great week!

How to Create a Newsletter

You get ours every week, so here’s a little how-to on how to get YOUR goods into people’s inbox. | Source: A Snippet of Life | Read Now

12 Smart Ways Your Brand Can Leverage Influencer Marketing

A good read for both sides of the coin- how can YOU leverage your status to brands? | Source: Business 2 Community | Read Now

Reciprocal Relationships: The Key to Influencer Partnerships that Work

In the same vein as above…| Source: 10 Fold | Read Now

The Irish food board will pay UK influencers thousands a year to plug mushrooms

Waaa? Pass the ‘shrooms! | Source:  Fora | Read Now

2018- The Year of Influencer Marketing? 

Is Influencer marketing here to stay? We sure hope so! | Source: Hit Search Limited | Read Now

You Can’t Quit Instagram… Or Can You?

Can you? Well, we don’t want you to! Ahh, psychology. | Source: Yale Daily News | Read Now

This Incredible Instagram Account Shows What Life Is Like as a Visually Impaired Paralympic Skier

This is awesome. That is all. | Source: Ad Week | Read Now

Five Ways to Beef Up your Instagram Privacy

Because Big Brother doesn’t always have to be watching. | Source: Android Guys | Read Now

Instagram Direct adds new replay options as it looks to compete with Snapchat’s most popular feature

Nothing like a little healthy competition to keep things interesting. | Source: 9 to 5 Mac | Read Now

How to Use GIFs in Your Instagram Stories

We know that this is ‘old news’ by now, but some of us are a little late to the game, okay? | Source: Gary Vaynerchuk | Read Now


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