The Intelligent Influencer: February 4, 2018

The Intelligent Influencer: February 4, 2018

If you’re reading this right now, you totally don’t care about the Superbowl, right? Two big new features are hitting the ‘gram this week: scheduling posts and new fonts. Oh, and we’ve got a whole bunch more Influencer news, cause that’s how we roll!


How To Change Your Font On Instagram Using Type Mode, Because It Looks So Cool

We’re big fans of the new type feature that debuted this week, are you? | Source: Elite Daily | Read Now


The emotional support peacock that couldn’t get on a flight also has his own Instagram

Of course he does, and you know you want to look at it. | Source: Mashable | Read Now


Instagram is finally adding a scheduling feature, sort of

It’s only available for business profiles and through third party vendors, but it’s there! | Source: The Verge | Read Now


Movers and Shakers: The 5 Highest-Earning Social Media Influencers

Ok, we hate to spoil it for you, but Chicagogrammers is NOT on this list and neither are you. | Source: Edgy Labs | Read Now


Influencer Presence on Instagram Doubled in 2017

Makes sense to us! | Source: O’Dwyer’s | Read Now


Think About How You Use Instagram with ‘The Flyer Theory’

This actually makes a lot of sense. You need to actually engage, not just post. | Source: Peta Pixel | Read Now


Restaurants and Influencers: What You Need to Know Before Partnering with an Influencer

We’d really like to know your thoughts on the last paragraph of this article. Is it about a partnership, or is it business? | Source: Open Table | Read Now


Video proves we’re all taking the same Instagram photos

God, ugh, it’s true. But why can’t we stop looking at Instagram?! | Source: Mashable | Read Now


Foot fetishes are a big, sexy business on Instagram

So…I guess you can earn up to $72,000 being a foot model on Instagram, and I’m going to quit my job on Monday. #NoImNot #HobbitFeet | Source: New York Post | Read Now



Make NO mistake about it – they’re going to figure out a better way to monetize Instagram, and not in your favor. This article sums it up. | Source: Shift Communications | Read Now


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