The Intelligent Influencer: January 7, 2017

The Intelligent Influencer: January 7, 2017

Welcome to your first edition of The Intelligent Influencer of 2018!  Thanks for indulging us while we took a few weeks off for Christmas and New Years. Believe us when we say, we’ve been indulging ourselves as well. But, we’re back at it because the world tells us we must, and this week we’re learning all about:


Pushing the Limits on Instagram in 2018

Be your best Brand #Selfie, other ways that you can be your best Insta-self in the new year! | Source: Medium | Read Now


Influencer Marketing Tools

Whether you’re an influencer or looking to work with influencers, here are some tools and tricks that may make whatever side of the spectrum you’re on, easier! | Source: Izea | Read Now


How to minimize your brand’s reputation risk with influencer marketing woes

Again, this one is a bit more from brand perspective, but it does provide some things to think about…and maybe keep you from pulling a bonehead Logan Paul move. | Source: PR Daily | Read Now


For fashion brands, 2018 will be the year of the ‘influencer roster’

Call all of our fashionistas! This is YOUR year! | Source: Digiday | Read Now


Instagram experiments with cross-posting stories to WhatsApp

Ok, we personally can’t wrap our minds around another social media platform, but if you’re on WhatsApp, this one’s for you! | Source: Engadget | Read Now


These sunglasses record video like Spectacles but can post straight to Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram

We are constantly amazed and in awe of technology. I bet George Jetson didn’t even have these! | Source: The Verge | Read Now


Women Entrepreneurs Shape A Social Media Path

You don’t need to tell us that #GirlsRule! | Source: Huffington Post | Read Now


Telegram and Instagram Are Being Restricted in Iran

The country has seen a rising wave of anti-government protests in recent days and ministers have accused social media of fueling dissent. Though, we’re pretty sure that happens everywhere…| Source: Tech Crunch | Read Now


Paying Influencers with Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency? Yeah, it’s apparently a real thing. We’ll take real cash money, thanks. | Source: Huffington Post | Read Now


Natalie Portman Has Finally Joined Instagram—and Already Entirely Devoted Her Account to Taking Action Against Sexual Assault

Leave it to Natalie Portman to use her newly minted Instagram account for good. | Source: W Magazine | Read Now


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