The Intelligent Influencer: March 18, 2018

The Intelligent Influencer: March 18, 2018

We’re moving a little more slowly after yesterday’s shenanigans. If you are, too, then let’s tuck in with some hydration and get up to speed on this week’s news to know together!

Discovering how much influence today’s influencers really have

How much do we really have?  Here’s some advice on how to keep yours long term | Source: The Sydney Morning Herald | Read Now

The Brand-Influencer Power Struggle

At the end of the day, authenticity is key. Be yourself! | Source: Business of Fashion | Read Now

New Score to Find Out if Influencers Are #Influential

Making the amorphous, concrete. | Source: PR Newswire | Read Now

From grit to sparkle: How to clean up your Instagram account

You know what it’s like: you scroll through your own feed and think, “why is that on there?!” Well, clean that crap up! Here’s how. | Source: Digital Trends | Read Now

Instagram might be making you poor — here’s how to resist the ‘FOMO’

Guilty as charged! | Source: Insider | Read Now

8 Chefs Share Why They Use Instagram

As food bloggers ourselves, we get why we love Instagram. Chefs way more famous than we are chime in! | Source: Restaurant-Hospitality | Read Now

Study: Just 25% of Instagram influencers are compliant with FTC rules

Eeek! Are you doing your due diligence? | Source: Mobile Marketer | Read Now

Why Instagram Stories Need To Be Part Of Your Marketing Strategy

You know we love ’em! | Source: CMS Wire | Read Now

Snapchat’s @-tagging test could help brands & influencers build their follower numbers

It works for Insta, so why not? | Source: MarketingLand | Read Now

Genius Instagram account merges ‘Call Me By Your Name’ scenes with Monet paintings

Taking posting with statues to a whole new level! | Source: Mashable | Read Now










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