The Intelligent Influencer: Sunday, December 3, 2017

The Intelligent Influencer: Sunday, December 3, 2017

It’s our goal at Chicagogrammers to help you learn all you can about Instagram so that we can be the most amazing Influencers this side of Lake Michigan. The good, the great, and the just plain strange – here are all the interesting things that are happening this week in Instagram and Influencer Marketing news:


Pouts, Palaces and Compassion: The Life of Meghan Markle on Instagram

Meghan Markle on Instagram
Photo courtesy of The Sunday Times

The UK is About to Get a New Princess…let’s all look at her Instagram!! | Source: The Sunday Times | Read Now


How We Scored Our First Clients Through Direct Message On Instagram

Don’t even THINK about NOT reading this story. We do this ALL the time, and so should you! Source: Forbes | Read Now


Testing, testing: Instagram experiments with a share button, savable stories

Oh boy. How are you feeling about this?! Source: Digital Trends | Read Now


Here are the 10 Most-followed Instagram Accounts in 2017

Is Chicagogrammers one of them? We wish!! Source: Business Insider | Read Now


The Influencer Marketing Trends that Will Dominate 2018

More brands are set to activate Influencer marketing in the coming year. Top experts predict the trends for 2018 | Source: Forbes | Read Now


Why Influencer Marketing is a Game Changer for the Hotel Industry

Wanna score that hotel stay for a few posts on Instagram? This article is convincing hoteliers to start using Influencers | Source: Hotel Management | Read Now


There are Now 25M Active Business Profiles on Instagram

As if you needed another reason for your business to be on Instagram – join the rest of the 25 million! | Source: TechCrunch | Read Now


This Beyoncé Picture Is the Most-Liked Instagram Photo of 2017

Don’t worry, it’ll probably be YOU next year! | Source: Time | Read Now


James Comey Just Chose the Perfect Moment to Post His First Instagram

Hahaha, you so clever, Comey! | Source: Slate | Read Now


Dad’s Instagram dedicated to hotel carpets deserves to be famous

From 82 followers to over 600,000 thanks to his daughter | Source: Mashable | Read Now

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