Photo Booth Fun from Chicagogrammers First Birthday

Photo Booth Fun from Chicagogrammers First Birthday

Hey, hey Chicagogrammers! Were you wondering what your fellow members were up to in the FotoFavors photo booth last weekend?

We’ve got the photo fun for you, and keep reading for the full photo link and password to unlock your pics!

Oh look, it’s your Founders, Katie & Chrissy!

Katie and Chrissy Chicagogrammers

And members from, like, the very beginning, Alana of @thejollyhostess and Carolyn of @chasingthetaste.

The Jolly Hostess Chasing the Taste

Ha, we love this one featuring @sarahemeyer, @hungerlusttravel, @thetipsyhousewife, @frm_joandcharlie, @stile.foto.cibo, @gildedgal and @thejollyhostess.

Chicagorammers Members

Want to see all the photobooth fun from Chicagogrammer’s First Birthday party?

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Had a great experience with the photo booth? Leave a review for FotoFavors here:

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