The Chicagogrammers Intelligent Influencer: January 14, 2018

The Chicagogrammers Intelligent Influencer: January 14, 2018

It’s Sunday night, time to relax with our phones in hand and learn about all the awesome stuff that happened with Instagram and Influencer Marketing this week.


Top Influencer Marketing Trends of 2017 [Infographic]

You know you love an Infographic. It’s informational, it’s graphical. It’s just plain fun. Source: Marketing Profs | Read Now

Bae creeping on their ex’s Instagram? They could be ‘micro-cheating’

Oh good, another word to add to our f’ed up dating lexicon. | Source: Mashable | Read Now


5 Best Instagress Alternatives to Grow Your Instagram Audience

What?! You were using Instagress?! Shhh, we wont’ tell. | Source: Business 2 Community | Read Now


How to Figure Out If You Can Make Money as an Instagram Influencer

Get paid, y’all. Get paid. Source: Lifehacker | Read Now


Your favorite music is making its way to Facebook and Instagram

K, but is it going to interrupt us watching Insta stories of bloggers using the dog face filter?! Cause we’re not down with that. | Source: TechnoBuffalo (best website name ever) | Read Now


5 Best Blogger Outreach Tools to Find and Connect with Top Influencers

Hey, you on these sites as an Influencer? You might want to be. | Source: 99 Signals | Read Now


The Importance Of Instagram’s Follow Hashtag

 Ooo, tell us, Forbes, what is it?! | Source: Forbes | Read Now


Ten Reasons to Hate Instagram

Only 10? Oh, honey, let us tell you… | Source: F Stoppers | Read Now 


You’re Obsessed With Instagram If You Do 19/29 Of These Things

You don’t have to take this quiz. You already know you are. | Source: Buzzfeed | Read Now


Going Mad For Micro: The Continuing Evolution Of Influencer Marketing

MicroInfluencers are so hawt right now, and, hey…that’s kind of Chicagogrammers’ niche! | Source: Forbes | Read Now

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