The Intelligent Influencer: December 10, 2017

The Intelligent Influencer: December 10, 2017

Hey everyone! If you’re new to our community of Chicago Influencers, hello, we’re glad you’re here! We’re putting out all the tips and need-to-know info to make you even better at your Influencer game. Issue #2 of The Intelligent Influencer has some great content to make you all the best Influencers ever! Let’s get into it!


Chicago Influencers Instagram Feud
Photo credit: Chicago Magazine

Long-Simmering Chicago Instagram Fashionista Feud Goes Public

Whoa. These two Chicago Influencers are accusing each other of copying. You’re going to want to read this article! BTW, copying is never cool. | Source: Chicago Magazine | Read Now


5 Apps You Should Download Right Now to Boost Your Phone Photography

Good photos can make or break it. Let’s all make it, shall we? | Source: Beyond Bylines from PR Newswire | Read Now


Instagram Direct MessagesInstagram is testing Direct, a standalone messaging app that replaces the current inbox

For real? You all know how much we love to open yet another app on our phone. Not. | Source: The Verge | Read Now


Instagram Will Now Create a Private Archive for all of your Stories

Thank goodness, because we really like watching ourselves over and over again! We’re serious. | Source: The Verge | Read Now


5 New Ways Social Media Will Be Important to Your PR Strategy in 2018

As if it isn’t already, but glad to know it’s here to stay! | Source: Business2Community | Read Now


How to be a Top Influencer

This celebrity blogger claims you don’t have to have talent to be an Influencer. You know what? We kind of agree. Source: Perez Hilton | Watch now


Instagram warns you if posts show harm to animals or nature

It’s really sad that people would post or search for things like this, but here we are. | Source: Engadget | Read Now


6 Clever Ways Brands are Hacking Instagram Stories

We certainly do most of these things already. You should be, too. | Source: Hackernoon | Read Now


A guide to taking the perfect Christmassy Instagram

Because we know you can’t wait to deck your cat with boughs of holly. | Source: Cosmo UK | Read Now


5 Tips for Successful Influencer Relations

While this goes PR-to-influencer, it poses some important points that apply to the influencer side of the coin as well. | Source: Adweek | Read Now


6 practices to weave into your writing process for 2018

Some of you are bloggers, some of you want to be! The first post is the hardest, but the key is to write, write, write! A good reminder for us all. | Source: Beyond Bylines: PR Newswire | Read Now


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