Tip of the Week: Applying/Editing the amount of Lux and Instagram Filters

Tip of the Week: Applying/Editing the amount of Lux and Instagram Filters

Katie here! Ok, so you know that first screen that pops up when you go to edit your Instagram photos? This screen is super duper powerful and is a one-stop-shop where you can not only sort through and apply all kinds of filters to your photo, but also add a bit of Lux. Not sure what Lux is?! Read on to find out!

How to Edit the Amount of Filter You’re Using in Instagram

Filters are AWESOME, but sometimes they’re just a little TOO over the top, am I right? That’s cool, because you can definitely edit the amount of filter you’re using in Instagram.

1) Add a photo to Instagram, then hit “Next”. Hitting the next option will give you the Filters screen.

Instagram Lux Feature

2) Tap once on the filter you want, then tap the filter again. You’ll see the slider that looks like this:

Applying a Filter in Instagram

3) I’m a big fan of using Clarendon in my photos, but sometimes I don’t want the Full Monty. I use the slider to adjust, and voila!

How to Add/Edit the Amount of Lux You’re Using in Instagram

Ok, so Instagram also has this feature called “Lux”. It basically helps underexposed or ones that don’t have enough contrast quickly photos pop to life. This is super easy to add, right from the filters screen!

  1. On the filters screen (the one that pops up after you add a photo), click the sun at the top. This is the Lux tool. Ah, you probably hadn’t ever seen this before right?
  2. Use the slider to adjust your photo for Lux. Again, Lux gives your photos better exposure and a deeper contrast.

See the before and after below. Mine is slightly more subtle because this was a pre-edited photo using VSCO Cam, but you can still tell!


Applying the Lux Tool in Instagram

Before using Lux in Instagram

Applying Lux Tool in Instagram

After using Lux in Instagram

And there you have it – two super quick edits you can use to make your photos look awesome from Instagram’s Filters Screen.


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